360 Experience – Raising Awareness About Youth Homelessness

Another 360 Experience is over. Approximatley 30 Community leaders volunteered to participate in a scenario of a Homeless Youth. Some were sent to Holland Landing, some to Markham, some to Vaughan and some to downtown Toronto to a shelter. They all had a bus ticket and $6. As always it was an enlightening experience that helps us to be able to begin to understand the challenges that an estimated 300 youth face in York Region each night. Each of the 3 years that I have participated in this event it always strikes me that youth should never be about seeking shelter each night. It should be about growing, learning and figuring out a young person’s place in the world.

West Photo has always been proud to give back to our community whenever we can. For the second year in a row David volunteered to photograph this event for 360 kids after being a participant himself during the first annual 360 Experience.


West-Photo-14-1024x683Riding the Viva Bus to Holland Landing to find a Shelter Bed

West-Photo-21-1024x683Outside Belinda’s Place in Newmarket

West-Photo-22-683x1024Staying Warm at a Tim Horton’s at 2AM

West-Photo-26-1024x683Staying Warm and getting a nap in an ATM Kiosk

West-Photo-27-1024x683Staying Warm

West-Photo-31-1024x683A warm and dry place for a nap

West-Photo-32-1024x683Waiting for the Bus to get to a shelter in Vaughan made even more difficult with a baby

West-Photo-34-1024x683When no warm place is available a sleeping bag and a tarp needs to suffice

West-Photo-36-1024x683When no warm place is available a sleeping bag and a tarp needs to suffice












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