Tell Your Story With Professional Business Photography

Marketing a business or brand requires a little ingenuity sometimes and dare we say it, thinking outside the box. At West Photo, we offer a business photography service that gives your marketing campaigns more scope and helps you to create a great first impression.


Promote Your Brand With Compelling Commercial Photography

They say a picture can speak a thousand words. Imagine what some high profile photographs could do for your business image and reputation. Would you like to give your customers a behind-the-scenes glance at your business? Maybe you need photographs for a new brochure. Or perhaps you’d like us to help you with slick and vibrant imagery for your next tradeshow or business exposition.

These are all effective ways you can use professional photography to promote your business, impress your audience and compel them to find out more about your company and your brand. Our expert photographer, David West, has years of experience working with local businesses in the Greater Toronto Area and can discuss your marketing needs with you today.

Here are just some of the business photography services we offer:

Workplace photography

We can take some great “day in the life” images for your website and marketing collateral.

Brand promotion

A brand does not have to belong to a company. It can be an individual such as an artist. We have even worked with rock bands and other performing artists who want to ignite interest in their brand with stunning, mind blowing photography.

Product photography

We can take impressive and eye catching photos of your products including close up images and still images that can be used in packaging design, instruction manuals and on your website or blog.

Staff photographs

These are great for personal bios, your company intranet, social media profiles or for giving a personal touch to your promotional material.

Corporate events and parties

Photos are great for capturing the excitement of a marketing or social event.

Promote Your Business With Exciting, Creative and Memorable Photos

So, what are the benefits of using West Photo for your business photography needs? Well, with our years of experience and eye for detail, we can really bring your company’s personality to life through exciting and vibrant images.

Many of the corporate photos we have seen over the years look unprofessional and don’t do justice to the company’s image or brand. We can breathe new life into your current marketing material or help you with creative photography for your new marketing material. Photos can really help to make that all-important instant connection with your audience and often, more effectively than words.

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We offer our business photography services across Toronto’s York Region−Richmond Hill, Markham, Vaughan, Newmarket and Aurora. Get in touch with West Photo today to find out what we can do for your business.

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