Client Testimonials

"I picked up Sean’s individual portrait today and am SO PLEASED with it. You captured the true essence of all 3 of our children during this special time in their lives and those images will continue to please and delight Hans and me as our kids leave our nest. What a gift you have given to us! Thank you so much Dave!"

– Nancy

"I thought to myself “how could he possibly outdo himself this year?” And you know what – YOU DID! Your work is a creation of love and a gift of commitment not readily seen. On behalf of all the clients, thank you for caring. I can not wait to share it with the world."

– Lorris Yellow Brick House

"We just returned from Spain and I wanted to say thank you for the wonderful job you and your assistant did at our wedding. You are so professional and fun which is a great combination!! You made us feel comfortable and relaxed (even me with my phobia of taking pictures!!)"

– Andrea

"My children have their portraits taken each year in studio (like many other children I’m sure,) but I must describe our experience to those unaccustomed to David’s approach. You can see his manner in the portraits themselves, the emotion captured is genuine and returning to the studio each summer is like visiting and old friend. The kids are eager to play with the toys and run barefoot through the studio, but most importantly there is a level of familiarity and comfort with David that no other photographer has been able to achieve in my experience. My children have no issue being molded and posed with various props and have never played camera shy with David, which is a large feat for someone working with such young children. The studio experience is always a positive one and it shows in David’s work. On the portraits themselves I have never been disappointed. Each year offers a new interpretation of the relationship between brother and sister – the early years candidly captured both babies playing with their toes while last year’s portrait is a sign of genuine affection between my son and daughter. I am thankful for the memories captured and the story they tell."

– Tracey

"Our David West portraits hang everywhere in our home and add such warmth and love to every wall. The laughter and chaos of our large family seems to absorb into these photos and I know they will speak to me for eternity, etching this wonderful time in our lives into my soul forever.

Live..Laugh..Love..Indulge and Celebrate..David West’s Photography helps our home to speak the very philosophy we live by."

– Michael and Lisa

"You admitted to us that photographing such young children could be challenging but you made it easy and the children responded beautifully to your antics. I never felt uncomfortable or felt the need to apologize to you for the age of the children. Now that we have had two sessions with you we can clearly say that we appreciate your professionalism, your eye for the end result, and your mannerism which puts the children at ease.

As we had the 1 month portrait of Natalie I wanted the same for Ian, only thing was he spent the first two weeks of his we had an outdoor session in late September or early October of 2007 in which, again, we were overwhelmed by the results of the session. These are treasured by us and are in the frames in our home’s entry. We really enjoyed the session and we get compliments of the pictures all the time. Now that the children will be 6 and 9 this summer it is time to book another session and we would not consider going anywhere else even though we no longer live in Richmond Hill."

– Gail

"I would like to say how much fun each photo session has been with you and your team, be it at our wedding or with our child. Through your candid and relaxed approach, you have been able to capture split second emotions as well as the enduring essence of our relationships. Each photo tells a story of its own and are invaluable memories of times past. Thank you for doing such a great job. They bring a smile to my face every time I look at them."

– Karen

"I went to your studio web site today and thought about (my 5 year old) Audra saying it was better than the grocery store."

– Audra Dust

"It is hard to believe you have been involved in our life for so long. Our first memory was back in 1990 when we were all single and you were just starting your photography business “West Photo”. We were planning our upcoming wedding and were looking for a photographer for our big event. As soon as we saw your work that day we knew you were very talented. Little did we know at that time how often our paths would cross in the future.

It seems like every important event in our extended family you were there to help us celebrate and make lasting memories for us. After our wedding you were there to take pictures at my parents 40 the wedding anniversary. As I look at that picture on the wall our youngest Becky is only 4 months old and today she is all grown up and soon will be turning 18.

My favourite portrait that you have taken of our family was when our two girls were much younger. Somehow my husband and I have lost our dark hair (now grey) and a few pounds have been added to both of us. But the biggest change is our oldest, Danielle who has grown into a beautiful young women 6 feet tall and our little girl who was smiling in that picture with no front teeth has also changed into a delightful young lady. What would we do without those memories to look at everyday hanging above our fireplace

Again we arranged to have portraits to be taken of the extended family for my in-laws 50th anniversary and I am so glad that was completed as they have both passed away. Those portraits help my extended family on my husband’s side on the days when Mom and Dad are missed so much.

As we all know if we live long enough life goes full circle and this past summer that event happened. West Photo was part of our oldest daughter, Danielle and Kirk’s wedding. (I don’t mean to make you feel old, David)

We have been so blessed to have you in so many of our life events. Your professionalism and ability to tell a story with every portrait is a gift you give to each client and your entire staff go above and beyond. We are unsure how to say thank you to you and your entire staff so we wish you all God’s blessing and plan to see you when our youngest daughter gets married (but that will not happen for a long time, we hope) or at some future event. We wish you all many years of continued success at West Photo."

– Rob and Connie

"I have really enjoyed all the pictures we have taken with you of our family and girls over the years. I have enjoyed displaying them in my home. As you can see with the attached I love to display my photos all throughout my home, so no matter what room I am sitting in I can look around & see the beautiful pictures & memories you have made for us. I continually receive compliments from our family & friends of how beautiful our pictures are. I am so happy that I have had my best & most memorable pictures taken by you. The girls always love seeing you too as you always know how to make them laugh. Keep up the great work & cannot wait to add my newest addition of pictures ( the girls 1st communion) to our walls."

– Mary, Orveo, Lauren & Alexandra

"Our experience with you photographing my mother and father’s 50th Wedding Anniversary was a very memorable one. You were able to accommodate us in a very short notice because my dad was not well and we were not able to pinpoint for sure if the portraits were even going to be possible. A very cool October day, was handled very well covering him up and keeping him warm in between setup until the very last minute before the picture was to be taken. We receive many compliments on the portrait, the setting in the park, the color coordination in clothing, and the setup. The portrait holds a special place in my heart as he has since passed away."

– Rosa

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